As a high school student it was difficult at times to seek parental advise or speak to an adult. When I spoke to Judith, I felt I was understood and she gave me more clarity in how I should go about in my studies and how to achieve my goal. Now that I finished my exams I am very graeful for her support and her efforts to keep me motivated during my exam period.  Judith helped me structure my thoughts and realise for myself which direction I should go in. I needed someone like that to help me focus on my strengths and realise my potential. Thank you, Judith.

Kaiyu Zheng, Student, Dubai

I really learned a lot not only from the prescribed information but particularly from the level and range of questions I was able to ask. Lots of light bulb moments

Chris Rowe

"Before my coaching sessions, exam nerves were a significant issue for me. Nobody likes exams, but my final exams for medical school created additional pressure and I worried about falling apart on the day, not due to lack of knowledge, but due to lack of confidence.

As part of my coaching, Judith talked with me about what aspects of the exam scenario I found most worrying and helped me identify what triggered my feelings of anxiety. In pinpointing these triggers, she helped me identify the illogical nature of the thoughts behind my feelings of anxiety and thus help me become more confident in tackling my exams. She encouraged me to develop a number of techniques to help improve my eye contact and ensure confident delivery; such as creating a uniform basic structure, which I could rely on in moments of uncertainty. We walked through the exam day on numerous occasions to practice utilising the techniques we had discussed as well as to identify other areas of concern.

A fantastic coach, Judith helped me tackle my fears and I successfully passed my final exams to qualify as a doctor!"

Dr.Victoria Ashton

"The EFQM training provided by TDP built very positively on my previous knowledge of EFQM. The differences between the L4E and the J2E programmes were clear and easily comprehensible. A wealth of practical examples were provided to illustrate the features of the Model. The training was provided in a friendly and congenial environment."

Dr.Tony Fowles Former Chairman, National Probation Service

"I have personally benefited greatly from the guidance and advice I have received which has always been insightful and of a very high value. From a personal perspective, I am convinced that much of my success is attributable to the training and development work I have done with Judith. In the highly competitive senior job market, mentoring of this type is in my view invaluable"

Nick Price, Crown Prosecution Service