The Development Partnership team take great care to develop people who demonstrate the benefits of productive dialogue. Practicing what we believe in means we have developed a team who ensures knowledge and good practice is shared; rigour and accountability are key principles and governance provides a framework to work ensuring through enabling consistency and management of risk with independence of thought. Professional development and succession planning are key ingredients in our success and the growth of a strong effective team

Judith Barton

MSc, BA, Chartered FCIPD, MCMI, MInstLM, MIoD

Managing Director







As the Managing Director of The Development Partnership, Judith leads the practice with 23 years experience of developing senior leaders in government and private sectors. This has included the Dubai Institute of Human Resource Development, Abu Dhabi Education Council, Tasweeq, Shell Middle East, Vital Voices, Crown Prosecution Service, the Court Service, RSPCA, Home Office, Military, Police and Fire Service, H.M. Customs and Excise, Health Care and Aviation sector.



Keith McMann

LLB(hons) Law and Business, MBA

Non-Executive Director







Keith is an accomplished ex PLC and IPO Director, with 23 years of experience in developing people at the top level in airline management.  With his extensive experience in Airport management, revenue and customer service management, Keith uses his wealth of knowledge to develop and support coachees.  He has significant experience working internationally, notably working in the Gulf, Lebanon and Ireland as CEO of private airline Twinjet; and Passenger and Airports Director of Easyjet.  This executive/boardroom background adds an increased flexibility and professional experience to TDP.

Keith has been working in Dubai, Qatar and Lebanon, acting in an Advisor/ Assessor role for prestigious business and professional awards.  During his directorship, he has supported and coached those around him to ensure success in a fast paced, customer focussed environment.



Maggie Clifton

BA (Hons), PGDip, M.A, EFQM L4E, J2E

Director of Quality Assurance


Maggie is one of TDP's longest standing consultants and has been Director of Quality Assurance since 2006. 

With a background in health care management and social science, Maggie is a certified EFQM assessor, trainer and consultant and is an International Assessor for business awards in Dubai and Qatar. Her extensive experience as a Director, Manager and consultant in healthcare, health and social research and in policy administration underpins BSC’s quality outcomes.


Brenda McKay


Senior Consultant


As a previous Director Clinical Programmes & Chief Nurse of Cromwell Hospital in London, Brenda has decades of experience in providing coaching as a fundamental solution to staff performance, collegiality, morale and support.  She was a board member with responsibilities for 65% of a multidisciplinary and trans-cultural workforce which included senior clinical & non clinical managers, team leaders and staff.  This involved liaising with key stakeholders, such as UK & overseas Royal Families & heads of state, diplomatic & embassy officials, special envoys, government agencies, a cross section of high profile individuals from the sport, media & entertainments.  She was responsible for setting strategic direction, ensuring management capacity and capability, to monitor and manage performance.

In her capacity as senior consultant at TDP, she now uses these experiences and qualifications to deliver coaching and mentoring workshops as well as the ILM Level 7 Certificate in Executive Management.  She also continues to provide a professional management consultancy.  



Angela Hill

BA Hons. Chartered FCIPD, Cert in Teaching Adults, Ad Dip in Coach Mentoring & Ad Cert in Coach Supervision

Consultant/Executive Coach

Angela is a vastly experienced development professional, with a background in HR and account management in the public and private sector. A qualified and highly respected coach supervisor and international coach mentor, Angela works with leaders, teams and coach pools in utilities, finance, retail, manufacturing, and health services, regional and European government.

With integrity, diverse skills and a solution mind set, clients highlight her creativity, remarkable insight and ability to inspire transformational change and high performance. She regards her coaching as ‘person-centred’ – Angela aims to balance support and challenge. She uses a flexible, integrated approach to coaching, using a broad range of situation specific tools.

She most enjoys hearing how coaching has impacted not just the individual but also the ripple effect to the team and organisation they work for.


Irene Rosylin

Operations Manager, United Arab Emirates


Irene Rosylin has been Operations Manager at TDP for eight years, and in that capacity has managed contracts with a myriad of clients, including Shell, Emirates, London Business School and the UK Crown Prosecution Service.

"Irene is one of my best examples of those people who just make it happen.  No matter whether we are talking about tiny coaching and assessment projects or large-scale quality audit programs, Irene is always effectively managing all possible complexities, delays and ensures quality and consistency."  Ziad Al Maamoun, Abu Dhabi Education Council.


Iain Watts


Programme Manager

Iain has been with TDP for over 3 years, providing background support to projects and courses, keeping in touch with the team and clients and looking after TDP’s presence on the web.  He is also our first ever in-house professional photographer!

“I had the pleasure of working with Iain in relation to a recent project. Iain brings an infectious enthusiasm to everything that he does; has a really strong work ethic and has a fantastic approach to challenges.” Senior Manager, CPS



Amy Southern

Programme Co-ordinator

Amy provides support to senior consultants and co-ordinates the qualification programmes across the UK.  She keeps the office in line as well as ensuring all projects are running as smoothly they should.  As the first point of contact for clients and consultants, she is likely to be the first person you speak to.