Investors in People

TDP in partnership with Investors in People is introducing Investors in People International in Doha, Qatar

Awareness Programmes have been held since November 2012 in Doha.

The Development Partnership are happy to announce a partnership with Investors in People International from 2012 onwards.  Investors in People specialise in transforming business performance through people, a fundamental mission shared by TDP.  Our aim is to help you achieve the results you want by focusing all our work on your business objectives; acting as a vital friend to help you maintain continuous improvement.

At the heart of Investors in People is the Standard, a framework of best practice that is outcome focused: it outlines what you need to achieve but never prescribes how, making it truly flexible regardless of your size or sector. 

Your organisation is unique, with its own strengths, challenges and priorities; therefore you set the agenda. You can tailor how you work to improve your organisation by focusing the framework on your concerns and achieve the Investors in People international standard.  

The Development Partnership will provide bespoke expert advice and guidance on how to get results and boost performance. Crucially, this involves helping you to choose the parts of our framework most relevant to your organisation and goals.  We will also provide you with one-to-one advice and a range of tools and resources.

Working with Investors in People is proven to improve financial performance, productivity and profitability. We can help you to manage change, engage with your employees and fine-tune your leadership capabilities.

Through the framework we will work on the objectives you would like to focus on.  The Development Partnership can support your improvement in areas like financial performance; employee engagement; productivity; ideas and innovation; quality; loyalty and advocacy.

Recognising and sharing your success.  When you have met the Standard, you will be accredited as an Investors in People organisation, and will be allowed to display the official UK recognition award. Organisations proudly display this in their premises and are eligible to use the IIP official logo when the framework has been met and IIP recognition status awarded.  After achieving the standard you may choose to go further, by also achieving Bronze, Silver or Gold status.

Next Steps:  Contact our IiP Specialist, Judith Barton, The Development Partnership on 0044 1744 602563 or for more information in the Qatar events please contact